Highlighting repression and fighting police impunity.

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Media-activists from Argentina and Italy were on the bridge when the police cut the rope. They shot a video footage of the action and the behaviour of the police. Thanks to Undercurrents for the final editing.

This video can be quite upsetting or might bring up your own traumatic experiences. Having a look at might help.

Download the video in different formats/qualities:

Good quality, 90 MB, avi file, subtitles available (see below), download- time aprox. 15 minutes (with a broadband connection)

Reasonable quality, 26 MB, mp4 file, NO subtitles available, download time aprox. 5 minutes (with a broadband connection)

Subtitles of the video have been edited in the following languages. Please contact us so that we sent them to you: <>

Download Subtitles in English:

1.) Download the Subtitles in English (smi.file)

2.) Rename both the video (download above) and the subtitle file within the SAME FOLDER into: "aubonnebridge.mpg" and "aubonnebridge.smi"

3.) Download and install the subtitle programme (400 kB) in order to be able to generate the subtitles