Highlighting repression and fighting police impunity.

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Prosecuting the Police involved in the Aubonne Case

In May 2003, an affinity group blockaded the Aubonne Bridge in order to stop a G8 delegation from reaching the summit in Evian. The police cut the climbing rope and nearly killed two activists. Now the policeman who cut the rope and his senior officer are in court. They are charged with bodily harm with negligence…

We invite you to come to a party, the preparations, the trial and the surrounding workshops between the 10th and 15th of February in Switzerland: Geneva/Lausanne/Nyon.

Celebratory Party in Geneva – Friday 10th of Feb
A positive and defiant start to the proceedings, celebrating the our ongoing resistance to the powers that be

Where : RHINO, Le Bistr'Ok, 24, bd des philosophes
20.00 Info about "Aubonne" with video of the action
22.00 PARTY with DJ

Preparation – Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of Feb
In the weekend prior to the trail we are inviting as many people as possible to be involved with the preparation and planning for the next few days. There will be loads to do, so get in touch!

The trial in Nyon - Monday 13th to Wednesday 15th of Feb
We would appreciate a large presence in and outside the court at the beginning (meet on Monday morning 08.00 in front of the court) and for the judgement (Wednesday midday) and also invite people to follow the entire trial.

Mon, 13th of February, 09.00 and 14.00
Tue, 14th of February, 09.00 and 14.00
Wed, 15th of February, 09.00
Tribunal d'arrondissement de la Cote Rte de St-Cergue 38, Nyon

Workshops in Geneva, 20.00h, La Tour, 4, rue de la Tour
Sunday, 12.2.: Interactive multimedia workshop about the G8, by TRAPESE ( + Info about G8 2007 in Germany
Monday, 13.2.: Repression / police tactics by Pigbrother (
Tuesday 14.2.: Activism, Trauma and our support (

There are possible places for people to sleep from Friday the 10th to Wednesday the 15th but you would need to bring a mat and sleeping bag and contact us beforehand. Accommodation and catering is based on everyone being able to make some sort of contribution.

For more information and an 8 of the action:

Get in Touch! >

We remember:

1.Act – Aubonne Bridge Action (1. Juni 2003)
The Aubonne Bridge Group is blocking the motorway Geneva-Lausanne with a climbing action in order to block the official delegation on their way to the G8 summit in Evian. The police arrive on the scene, create chaos and cut the climbing rope which holds two climbers. Martin falls 23 m, is lucky to be alive at all but comes away severe injuries. He will be crippled on his right foot for the rest of his life. Gesine was saved by the split second reactions of the fellow activists.

2.Act – Trail against the activists (28th of June 2004)
The activists are found guilty of blocking the road and endangering the life of the car drivers and received suspended prison sentences.

3. Act – Charges against the police dropped (22nd of October 2004)
The judge drops the accusation against the police in October 2005 arguing that it was the activists' own fault. The activists appeal to the Higher Court. The State rejects any responsibility and compensation claims making them conditional on a guilty verdict against the police.

4. Act – Appeal accepted (13th of May 2005)
The Higher Court overturns the decision and sends the policeman who cut the rope and his senior officer to court charged with body harm with negligence. The lawyer submits an official request to increase the charges to endangering life.

5. Act – Police in Court (13.-15th of February 2006)
Michael Deiss (from Schaffhausen) and Claude Poget (from Vaud) are in court.

There were so many solidarity actions and so much support work done by so many people, both after the Aubonne Bridge incident, and during the trial against us – A huge thank you to everybody involved!!!!

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