Highlighting repression and fighting police impunity.

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The financial situation

As always, we need financial support to cover the lawyers' fees, the medical costs (because the European health card does not cover all) and for administrative costs. The bank account is the following:

Account holder and adress:

Eau Bonne
Adress: CH-1418 Vuarrens
account number: 17-328614-4
IBAN electronic : CH1309000000173286144
IBAN paper: IBAN CH13 0900 0000 1732 8614 4
SWIFT Code / BIC : P O F I C H B E
bank: Swiss Post, PostFinance, Engehaldenstr.
37, CH-3030 Bern
Clearing Nummer : 09000

Foundation "EAU BONNE"

The bank accounts listed above fund the foundation Eau Bonne. At the moment we are diverting from the foundation to pay emergency legal and medical costs. When we win our case and receive compensation, we will pay the foundation back. We will maintain the foundation as a source of emergency loans to activists facing similar situations in the future.
They will borrow funds to pay immediate legal and medical costs, with the intention of recovering this money through the legal process, and recycling it back into the foundation. In this way, all money donated will used transparantly and accountably, again and again to fight police
abuses against activists.

Aubonne group:
This group was formed after the bridge incident (where the climbers' rope was cut and Martin fell 25m) and will deal with all matters concerning this case, such as legal, medical, presswork, finances, communication etc. Eight peope have been charged with blocking the traffic, including the the climbers Martin and Gesine. The latter will prosecute the police for endangering their lives, not helping them in danger and for nearly killing them (legal term still to be worked out).
More than a month in hospital (with broken pelvis, left ankle and foot, 2 broken lumber vertebras,) and a long rehabilitation period to come for Martin.
Money will be needed to cover the lawyers' fees , for medical costs (because the E111 does not cover all) and for administrative costs.

Contact Aubonne group :
update list: send blankmail to:

Guy Smallman Support Group:

In the UK a campaign started around this attack on the free press. Money is needed to pay medical fees (same E111 problem as Martin), to cover legal costs and to help the campaign.
Guy suffered serious muscle damage to his leg. He has undergone two hours of surgery and will need skin grafts. He and his lawyer are prosecuting the police. Donations are welcome, get in contact with captain scarlet.
Support emails for Guy: