Highlighting repression and fighting police impunity.

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updated 10 jan 06

Unfortunately there are thousands examples state repression of people. Here we are highlighting a few. Most police brutality goes on behind closed doors. Even when it is captured on film the "justice" system normally aquits any police involved.

For example where the police storm the media center in Geneva disguised as black block. In the raid they smashed people in the face with metal bars.

On the same site is the footage of the photo journalist Guy Smallman getting shot in the back of the leg whilst he was running away from the police.

Amnesty international have done a report on some of the more serious cases

For reports on the trial in Genova see

Police brutality in switzerland


Cf. e.g. the 2002 doctoral thesis «Gewalt zwischen Polizei und Bevölkerung» by Dr. Patrik Manzoni (published Rüegger Verlag 2003), who finds that only 7% of reported cops have to face a court and only 1.3 % of reported officers get convicted, though only 3-4% of violent cops get reported at all!!! (p. 66-67) -- because everybody knows it's kinda useless anyway. There are similar reports for Germany, cf also

Some more links to police brutality cases in CH. NONE of the involved officers up to now EVER had to face a jury, though in a few cases some appeals are still pending:

In January 2006 in Zurich there were 2 cops brought before court in the case of Eldar S. (no sentence known yet), but only cause they abused a guy that was well known in the neighbourhood, cause he was working at a gas station, so eveybody knew the "alleged drug dealer" line was just bullshit, and even the people in hospital were a bit shocked and let the press in for a change, and then there had been a lot of campaigning & media coverage, a decent lawyer and a change of DA after some appeals. More on this case see and the campaign homepage with more cases:

By the way, the very same cops already mutilated another foreigner 2 years before, but never saw a court cause their victim was not well known and there was no campaign, despite he filed several appeals, cf

part of an email from pigbrother.

Cops before court is a HUGE exception, especially for crimes committed on duty (off duty there's a slightly better chance, see e.g. ), and it NEVER works without several appeals first, plus hopefully having the DA changed.

Also to have such a persistent lawyer, since these people here usually are just a pain in the ass, e.g. in the last case when we sued cops it was our leftish lawyer from the before lawyer's collective who teamed with the district
attorney trying to force us to sign a really dodgy deal that wasn't what we had all agreed on upon, and when we refused he just dropped us. (And the last 2 times we were before court/accused, nothing but trouble too, getting dropped by union lawyers for publishing some case files on the homepagepage that showed the DA was really over the top, and in the other case being dropped cause the case had "no chance", however, when we started defending ourselves, the judge ruled the accusation wasn't substantiated and suggested the new DA to drop it,
which actually happened.) Actually a big part of the problem is, lawyers get paid by you whether they cheat you or not, so why bother, especially if it's better for the to be good friends with cops and DAs to make a career,cause else, i.e. if you upset too many, you can be denied / revoked license, as it happens from time to time to the few legendary honest ones.

Obviously, the only chance to get a cop before court is,when there's a lot of campaigning and newscoverage involved beforehand, or when they by accident mutilate a really wealthy and/or influentional person. (So in your case it's not just luck & a good lawyer, but also the fruits of your labor.)