Highlighting repression and fighting police impunity.

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International Actions of Support:

  • UK- A group of approximately 15 people will deliver letters of support from many organisations to the Swiss Embassy in London.
  • Austria- Vienna, 10 am. Peaceful demonstration with banners in front of the embassy will present letter signed by Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.
  • Barcelona- A performance and noise demo will take place outside the Swiss Embassy in Barcelona.
  • Madrid- A group of approximately 15 people will deliver letters of support to the Swiss Embassy.
  • Amsterdam- A samba band will lead a group to deliver support letters to the Swiss embassy.
  • Berlin- A concentration in solidarity with the case of Aubonne and Genoa will take place today.

Faxes from Organisations and Institutional support

  • Amnesty International, have expressed their concerna dnare following this and other Swiss cases with their own researchers.
  • Eight Members of the European Parliament from various countries have comunicated to us that they will today be faxing theSwiss authorities to show them their cocern about the case and the development of the legal proccess. They will be represented at the trial on Monday David Hammerstein MEP, Spain.
  • United States
    Noam Chomsky has signed a statement asking for calling "the attention of authorities to these very severe charges and urging them to deal with them expeditiously and justly."
  • France
    Susan George, author of "Another World is Possible" and ex president of ATTAC gives her feel support and expressed her deep concern about the issue.
    Ignacio Ramonet, Director of Le Monde Diplomatique gives his full support to the campaign.
  • UK
    London- "Liberty"- Defending -human-rights organisation.
    London- Mark Himsworth, Human Rights Barrister, 10-11 Grays Inn Square
  • Spain
    Comission of Defence of the lawyers Comission of Barcelona, (professional body)*
    Catalan Association of Human Rights.*
    Justice and Peace, one of the most important Human Rights Organisation. In Catalunya Arcadi Oliveras (one of the most well kown intelectual for human and social rigts in Catalunya
    Robert Sabata and Jaume Asens (two of the main human rights lawyers form Barcelona)
    David Hammerstein, Euro MP for the Green Party.*
    *will attend the hearing on Monday 28th.
    And a long list of NGOs and diferent civil society groups from Catalunya.

More than 30 Human Rights organisations & Non Govermental Organiations and Neighbourhood Associations have also sent faxes of support to the Swiss Government.

Legal Monitors
The case has gained international of different lawyers groups the local and international level will be monitorin the process.
Abogados Demócratas Europeos (Democratic European Lawyers)
European Legal Team
Comission of Defence
of the lawyers Comission of Barcelona, (professional body)*
Catalan Association of Human Rights.*

All this has materialized in the creation of a legal comission to observe the legal proccess and give advice to the activists by the International Committee of Inquiry to protect Basic Human Rightsf which panel is composed of:
Nuri Albala.
Dario Fo.(literature nobel prize)
Adolfo Perez-Esquivel.(peace nobel prize)
Tony Bunyan,
Daniela Dahn,
Robert Dossou,
Nicole Dreyfus,
Luigi Ferrajoli,
August Gil Matamala,
Barbara Hug,
Martin Kutscha,
Aline Pailler,
Riccardo Petrella,
Vanessa Ramos,
Charles-Henri Rapin,
Gino Strada,
Lorenzo Trucco,
Peter Weiss,
Alex Zanotelli,

Several members of the group working group from this Comitte will be present on the hearing on Monday 28th.
Other Organisations
Switzerland, Ligue Suissse des Droits de l'homme, (Legal Team Geneva)
Global Womens Strike, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, India and UK
European Youth For Action (a network of ecologist youth groups from 26 countries.)

Countries and Cities from which letters/faxes/emails of support have been sent:
Ireland- Dublin
Australia- Melbourne
Portugal- Lisbon and Porto
England- Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton, London, Bristol, and Oxford
Spain- Barcelona, Madrid, Leon, Ovideo; ZAragoza
United States- Texas and Philadelphia