George Bush arrives in Europe for the first G8 summit since the annexing of Iraq


Tens of thousands of people responded to international
calls to disrupt the opening ceremony.


One affinity group, consisting of seventeen people from ten different countries,
decided to block a motorway to stop some of the delegates arriving


Protesters wait until they get confirmation that a convoy of delegates has left Geneva.


They proceed to block the road


A barricade made from banners is erected to stop the traffic


Further along the bridge a rope barricade is stretched across the Motorway


In the valley below, one activist, Martin prepares to climb up the rope.


Ribbons are tied on the rope to make it clearly visible.
On the other side Gesine prepares to lower herself down on the same rope.


Both are experienced climbers


The banners say in French "If you pass this point you will kill two people"


The first police are arriving. The senior officer is in the grey shirt.


The police try and open the road after only a few seconds
without giving themselves any time to assess the situation.


The officer in blue is the man who will cut the rope. Later at a press
conference the police will claim that he arrived late on the scene.


The activist in the high visibility jacket, another of the safety precautions used
whilst blocking the road. Is indicating with his hands as well as words about the climbers.


The protesters try and talk to the senior officer. But he is always on his mobile phone,
presumably to his control centre.


He chooses to ignore all attempts to communicate. On the video the SO is saying
"get them away, get them away".


later he says he doesn't care if the climbers break their necks.


The police officer who will cut the rope walks up from behind and rips up the banner,
which says "if you pass this point you will kill two people".


The activist are trying to calm the situation down.


They are talking directly to the motorist, explaining the situation.


The SO is running to clear this barricade, demonstrating how frantic he is to open the road.


It appears to be his top and only priority.


This second barricade is a spontaneous response to the police trying to open the road.


Protesters are trying desperately to defend their colleagues who are
hanging from the bridge.


He needlessly attacks a camera person.


Other officers are arriving. They too immediately start clearing away the activists.


The scream in the background is from the police liason person
the SO is pulling her along by her hair.


The officer in blue is looking down the road at the rope barricade.


These officers have crossed the central reservation.
They have seen Martin hanging from the bridge.


By this time there are three different police forces on the scene,
military, traffic and regular.


No safety precautions have been taken by the police.
Activists are all over the road, trying again and again to stop the traffic.


By now they are not trying to block the delegation but simply trying to prevent
any harm to the climbers.


By opening the road in such an ad hoc manner the police have enabled cars
to charge through the barricade.


Endangering their own lives and the lives of the protesters


One policeman who has just arrived on the scene, walks up to the rope.
He gets his knife out and is about to cut it.


A protester and another police officer move in and stop him.


The police are just waving the car drivers on. No where do we see them
talking to the car drivers asking them to drive slowly or carefully.


This officer walks straight past his SO.


Without talking to the policeman holding the rope up, or checking in any way.
He cuts it.


"I don't understand"... "You understand well"


"How is Martin" Martin perhaps has some fractures. At the moment he's OK he's talking
he's conscious, he's very cold but he needs to go to a hospital urgently.


"Arrest those Mafia shit"


Solidarity actions spread across Europe


Martin broke his back, pelvis and left foot in the 20 meter fall.


Gesine, the other climber is recovering from post traumatic stress disorder.


The police have not been charged or suspended from duty


Most of the activists have been charged with blocking the road and endangering life.


In the run up to the trial the Aubonne support group campaigns
for justice and against repression.


Production, Hamish and Ben. Voice Tabbitha. Video IMC Italy.


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